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Paddle Tennis

Paddle tennis is a game adapted from tennis and played for over a century. Compared to tennis, the court is smaller and has no doubles lanes, and the net is lower. Paddle tennis is played with a solid paddle as opposed to a strung racquet, and a depressurized tennis ball.



Two sand volleyball courts are provided for your use and enjoyment. The nets and lines stay set up year round, and are available on a first come first served basis. 



Children's playground equipment is available on the beach for your children's enjoyment with parental supervision.


Let the kids play!

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Swimming & Surfing

Swimming is open to all members. 

Surf spots in and around PBC include the Point, the Beach, and the Reef. All of these spots normally show on large winter south swells.



At low tide, rocks and reefs become exposed east of the seawall. Although this area is technically outside the PBC Beach Club boundaries, many members explore the tidepools at their own risk. Various creatures and species inhabit this area, and you can observe them in their natural habitat. Please respect the animals, tides, and waves for your own safety.

Cabrillo takes a similar swell direction as PBC needs to get good, but check the nearshore LOLA models to see which direction the swell is coming from, and if that rare S-SE is sneaking in around the east end of Catalina then you'll have epic surf mostly to yourself.

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