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Application for Membership

Portuguese Bend Club is a private beach club strictly for residents of zip codes 90274 and 90275. If your home address lies within either of those zip codes, then you are eligible to become a member of the club. Please feel free to complete the application below and submit for consideration. For questions, contact General Manager of PBC Erica Llanos. You may also download an application and mail it to the address provided.

Home Address

My mailing address is different than my home address

Contact Information


Spouse/Domestic Partner Employer

Emergency Contact

Names of organizations to which my family belongs:

I have been a past Resident member: 


I have been a past Beach Use Licensee: 


I have applied for membership previously: 


I submit the names of three Resident Members to whom I am known. (As an alternate use names of present Beach Use Licensees). I understand that the Board will weigh references in the following order:  1. Resident Members 2. Beach Use Licensees

Resident Member 1 

Resident Member 2

Resident Member 3

Thank you for your application. We look forward to seeing you at the Club!

Please fix the errors in red above and resubmit!

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